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Tips for Shipping
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Medical Supplies & Equipment in the Summer

Proper packaging and temperature control are essential when you’re shipping medication and medical supplies. This is especially true during the summer when temperatures can reach scorching highs. If you are not careful in preparing your medical equipment for short or long-distance shipping, you risk compromising their safety and potency. In this blog, we will discuss the best tips on how to ship medication and medical supplies during the summer.

Importance of Temperature Control & Proper Packing for Shipping Medical Supplies & Medication

In order to ensure the safe administration of medication and medical supplies, it is crucial that they are kept at a controlled temperature during shipping. Certain medications require specific temperature conditions to prevent spoilage or loss of efficacy. Proper packaging is also essential to prevent contamination from leaks or damage during transport, which could render the medication unsafe for use.

Tips for Packing Medical Machinery & Equipment for Shipment

Many machines, such as blood analyzers, microscopes, surgical equipment, and dental chairs must be properly packed and secured for shipping. To ensure the safety of your medical machinery and equipment, take the following measures:

Place Each Part in its Original Packaging

To avoid any damage, make sure to place each part of the machine in it’s original packaging. This includes the motor, power supply, and any other parts that come with the machine.

Secure All Cables & Wires

Make sure to secure all the cables and wires with packing tape. This will prevent them from getting tangled or damaged while in transit.

Bubble Wrap Each Piece

Wrap each piece of the machine in bubble wrap to provide an extra cushion and layer of protection.

Tips for Shipping Medication & Prescriptions

When shipping medication and prescriptions, taking the necessary precautions to ensure they are safe for administration is important.

Pack & Label the Medication Correctly

Make sure to pack the medication in a sealed container that is labeled correctly. This will avoid any confusion or mix-ups as to what is contained in the package.

Use Insulated, Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Choose insulated, temperature-controlled packaging to keep the medication at a safe and consistent temperature throughout the shipping process. Depending on the type and solidity of the medication, they may need to be kept below freezing or refrigerated until arrival. Many bags, boxes, and packaging are designed specifically for keeping medications at a steady temperature.

Tips for Safely Shipping Medical Samples for Lab-Testing

If you are a practicing physician who is shipping lab samples for testing, there are a few extra steps you will need to take.

Pack Samples in Secure & Insulated Containers

Make sure to pack the samples in a secure, insulated container that will prevent any contamination or leakage. Cups with lids or air-tight containers are a great option.

Label Each Sample with Clinical Information

Make sure to properly label each sample with the patient’s name, date of birth, and clinical information. This will help ensure that each sample is tested and identified correctly.

Stay Organized & Make Sure to Keep a Record of Shipment

Organize each sample carefully, and keep a record of the shipment for your records. Not only will this help avoid any future confusion, but it will also help in case the samples get lost or damaged during transit.


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